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A recent Underpinning job completed in Adelaide by the team at HomeMasters shows that the cracks in your home can close up after the underpinning process is carried out.

Unfortunately homes cracking and movement in Adelaide is a common problem. But with our knowledge and experience we can close the gaps for good! Cracking in a home can be unsightly and also devalue a home leaving you at a loss. This customer located in the city of Adelaide was looking at selling her property, unfortunately the home had suffered substantial movement. She was offered up to $60,000 less for the sale of her home. She was out of ideas. The agent advised that they are getting negative feedback in regards to the amount of movement to one of the corners of the home and unless repaired, selling her home was going to prove difficult at best.

It was easy to see. The cornice was falling off in areas, large cracks were present and the wall had also buckled. The floors were extremely uneven causing furniture to lean and doors were not closing properly anymore. House cracks

The home was up for sale for 5 months with no interest at all. All the potential clients were so worried about the cracks, something had to be done. A HomeMaster Underpinning Specialist was consulted. It was determined that 2 piers were required to stabilize the movement in the home. Our specialist advised that there is a good chance that we can close most of the gaps during the lifting process. This cannot always be guaranteed but with our method of lifting there is a good chance we can get your home back to or close to its original position!

Here is an example of the crack before the underpinning

Crack example


Here is crack AFTER the HomeMasters Underpinning.

House movement in adelaide
House cracking after

As you can see for yourself the cracks have almost gone. The original crack was approximately 6mm wide. At the end of the underpinning process, this home in Adelaide had a crack no bigger than 1mm!
We pride ourselves on our workmanship and en-devour to ensure your cracks are dealt with quickly and effectively. We are happy to say the client has now moved on and sold her house successfully 3 weeks after the work was carried out. Another house stabilized by HomeMasters Underpinning. For a free quote or just a friendly chat about the cracks in your home. Give us a call on 8326 8885 and you can speak directly with a professional who can lead you in the right direction.

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